In surrendering to new technologies, Ramon Lombarte has been using an iPad as his sketchbook for the past year.

This new, large project began as a concept in the “Magic Kitchen” , of his dear friend and accomplice, Horst Pieppenburg, at Lake Lemanns last summer.

391 works, produced on his i-Pad , are the artists inspirations, reflections, ideas, developments, proposals, dreams, experiences and feelings about life, all transparent to the viewer.

collectors have the opportunity to acquire these works in a revolutionary format, high quality prints on paper mounted on aluminum called, Dibond, offering a frameless modern result.

The application Lombarte uses will give all viewers the unique experience of watching the actual work in it’s entire process of creation.

These digi-works will show the creative process from beginning to end, revealing the soul of the art itself.

No one has remained indifferent after witnessing the great secrets of Lombarte’s tracing’s although not all were ready for it…..Are you?

This collection of the artists first digi-works will debut in Gallerie Klose in Essen, Germany 2013

Nacho patio

Mi primer sol


Mayte ventana

Tuba Amarilla