“It is not I who paint, but rather Another through my hands.”

But whether from Ramon Lombarte or another, the combination of figures and the play of light in his paintings fascinate me. His art seems to rise from a mediterranean psyche with rich combinations of light, shadows and movement. Mundane impressions of our daily life are transformed into unforgettable works of riveting beauty.

He manages to wield a combination of flawless technique with images of daily life to capture in his art rich scenarios revealing an original and virtuosic talent.
He invites us to come out of the daily routine and from his artist soul he raises us up from a conventional surrounding world.

He stimulates our consciousness and stops the movement of time to reveal the transcendent in the insignificant, the shape in the shapeless.

The authenticity of his painting resides in his unique interpretation of the isolated scenes from the crowded masses into calm beauty.

The subtle eroticism in some of his paintings stimulates gentle provocations of our own sensibilities. He stimulates and reveals all the emotions existing within ourselves by his extraordinary reflection on color and his deep knowledge of the pictorial and lithographic techniques sailing into a vast palette of colors.

“It is not I who paint, but rather Another, through my hands.” say’s Lombarte… when I look at his paintings, it does not matter to me who has created them. If I look deeply into his paintings and I let them flow inside of me, I simply find deep peace and an overwhelming beauty…

Jose Boix Ochoa