Born in Barcelona in 1956 | Died february 2021.

Spearhead of the new figurative style of painting in Europe in the 1980’s, an era which, especially in Europe demanded all young painters be abstract.

Graduate of the renown  Massana School of Fine Arts in Barcelona, where many great painters have attended, among them , Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro.

In 1976 he decided to devote his life to painting professionally.

His dedication to classical realism completely distanced him from his contemporaries, all following the path of mandatory abstract styles.
Soon though, his figurative realist style was recieved with much critical interest and his work was hailed as “refreshing”.

In spite of his laborious technique, Lombarte is very prolific, producing between 30 and 45 paintings every year. In 1987 he had his first exhibition in New York. Since then he has spent much time in the Unites States, Northern Europe and Asia, where his market continues to be strong.

To deal with the high demand for his work, and to maintain his high standard of traditional techniques, in 1988 Lombarte opened his own printing attelier in Barcelona.

He aquired an antique French printing press, and many high quality stones from a closed ancient quarry. Lombarte began working with a French master printer, drawing on the stones and hand finishing each lithograph himself. More than 80 handmade limited editions were printed by the time the attelier closed in 2001.

Lombartes works are to be found in many museums and known private collections in Europe, United States and Asia.